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Keep connected with friends and family that live nearby and those that live far away with Time Warner Cable's Digital Home Phone service. No longer do customers have to pay too much money to a phone company that was once to be a monopoly. Those days are long gone. The choice is in your hands now.

Time Warner Cable's calling plans enable their customers to call anyone, anytime, anywhere in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico for one low rate. They even have international calling plans available at low prices.

Some of the features available to you for absolutely no extra charge include Call Waiting, Speed Dial, Call Forwarding and Caller ID. Even better, if you sign up for both cable TV and home phone services through Time Warner Cable, you'll be able to get Caller ID on TV for absolutely free! Now when someone calls, their name will pop up on your TV, making your life easier.

Phone service from Time Warner Cable shows that shouldn't cost you a lot to get premium phone service with great reliability. And by bundling it together with cable TV and high speed Internet, people can save even more money.