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  • Ideal for everday use:

    With download speeds up to 15Mbps, you can easily shop, use social networks and watch videos online without being slowed down.

  • Time Warner Cable Ideal for everyday use

  • Time Warner Cable Internet Security
  • Internet Security

    Keep your computer safe with McAfee® AntiVirus. Protect your equipment from viruses and spyware at no additional cost. With our Secuirty Suite you get: These choices of downstream speeds make Time Warner Cable Internet one of the best services around:

    Protection against viruses - Defend computers from latest security threats including viruses, spyware and more. McAfee Antivirus software scans your computer for threats at least once a week.
    Scan email and instant messages for threats – Scan emails and attachments for viruses that you send and receive and analyze instant messages for potential threats.
    Parental Controls – McAfee family protection lets you control what your kids can view online. Monitors social network sites and potential risks with strangers and online threats.

  • Home WiFi:

    Feel free to connect to the internet in any room in you your home with a wireless network. This is a must have for multi-device households. You can connect multiple devices to your network and only pay the price for one internet connection, best of all, your equipment and files are secure with built-in firewall security.

  • Time Warner Cable Digital Home WiFi

  • Time Warner Cable Wifi Hotspots
  • TWC WiFi Hotspots:

    Get reliable internet access for your wireless devices on-the-go with thousands of hotspots available nationwide. Save your cell data usage and connect smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Connecting is easy, just log in once and you’ll automatically connect every time you are in range of a TWC WiFi Hotspot.

Connect with Time Warner Cable Internet

The speed of your Internet has to match the speed of your life. Time Warner Cable's high speed Internet can do just that – and at a reasonable price. Time Warner Cable Broadband, customers get speeds that are up to four times faster than most standard DSL packages.

With download speeds of up to 50 Mbps, you'll never have trouble downloading movies in minutes and songs in seconds, when you use Time Warner Cable Broadband. With this service, you can download movies with DVD quality and play online action games without delays. And multiple customers can do multiple tasks at the same time. Imagine having a high-speed connection for each person in your household.

Log on with Time-Warner Cable's high speed Internet service and check the scores and news for your favorite local sports teams.

You can upgrade your Internet connection speed with the Broadband Turbo with Powerboost™ and your computer will download files in record time! When using a home network, the Powerboost helps everyone's Internet speed, so there’s no lag time from more than two users. Online gamers will definitely appreciate the extra push, as will those that use video conferencing.

Time Warner Cable’s customers can choose from several different options for their high speed Internet service. Remember that with Time Warner Cable's Internet, the setup is easy and the service is great.

One of the smartest things you can do when choosing Time Warner Cable Broadband is bundling it together with other digital services, like cable TV and home phone. Great high speed Internet service, like what Time Warner Cable provides, can make your life better. And discounted services allow you to spend your money and time doing what you want.