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About: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Bowling Green, Kentucky was incorporated in 1798. It grew slowly until 1810 when growth in the steamboat industry brought commerce to the city. Its proximity to the Barren River allowed for increase importance of the town. By the 1830s the city had grown tremendously in population, importance and finance. Agriculture has always been important to the city's economy, but it has become more industrious since General Motors built an assembly plant in the city. All Chevrolet Corvettes have been made at the plant since 1981.

Population: 49296
Local Newspapers: The Amplifier, Bowling Green Daily News, The Sporting Times
Local Sports Teams: Kentucky Bisons, Bowling Green Hot Rods
Local Colleges: Western Kentucky University

Zip Codes associated with Bowling Green, KY: 42101, 42103, 42104, 42122, 42274 .
Towns/Cities near Bowling Green, KY : Glasgow, Plum Springs, Franklin, Russellville, Wooodburn, Morgantown, Oakland, Smith Grove.

  • Bowling Green Dealing with Liquor Changes; Also Approves Raise in Water and Sewer Rates
    Wednesday, December 17, 2014 4:37:46 AM

    -- The Bowling Green City Commission is trying to figure out how they're going to be able to give new businesses a liquor license if they need one. "Not to scare these people who have these licenses because they can keep them. They're grandfathered in, the issue is we can't issue any more because the state won't issue any more," said city attorney Gene Harmon. BGMU said the raise was needed to help repair sewer pipes and update the city's system. Customer charges for sewer and water will increase over the next seven years by about $11 a month.

  • Damaged 1M Corvette starts repairs
    Tuesday, December 16, 2014 11:59:19 AM

    "The whole car's going to have to come apart," said Dave Bolognino, director of GM Design Fabrication, which makes parts for prototypes and design models of new cars. Bolognino's team has restored other historic GM vehicles, including the Buick Y Job -- the auto industry's first concept car -- and the futuristic 1951 LeSabre concept. The first cars to fall in were virtually flattened by the fall and the impact of other Corvettes landing on top of them. "Photographs don't do the size and magnitude of the sinkhole justice," Bolognino said.

  • Officer Involved Shooting in Warren County
    Tuesday, December 16, 2014 3:40:14 AM

    Charges are forthcoming from the State of Kentucky. Original News Release Below: Officer Involved Shooting in Warren County Date of News Release: 12/14/2014 regarding an officer involved shooting at the Cabela's Sporting Goods in the city limits of Bowling Green. The subject has been identified as Elliott Cummings of Napierville, IL. Officer Phelps has been place on administrative leave per the BGPD policy. The investigation is still ongoing and is being led by Kentucky State Police Post 3 Investigative Sergeant Jermaine Savage.

  • Right-to-work pushback an 'old dog that won't hunt'
    Monday, December 15, 2014 9:54:58 AM

    A right-to-work law, the union forces employees at unionized operations to pay dues whether they want their services or not. When a union organizes at a Kentucky workplace, it decides whether to be the "exclusive "or "members only" representative. Union a^ " or no representation at all a^ " a choice. Because they pick that path. The Hoosier State has used to leave Kentucky behind in the economic-development dust. Soon we won't even be able to find that dog. Jim Waters is president of the Bluegrass Institute, Kentucky's free market think tank.

  • KY county where Corvette is made is moving toward right to work
    Sunday, December 14, 2014 7:20:52 PM

    The measure comes up for a second and final reading next week. If it passes, then unions will lose the ability to compel workers in Warren County to pay union dues -- at least until the inevitable court challenge. Chief among these is the idea that non-union members get a "free ride" on the backs of the union negotiators. Myth : Right-to-work laws allow non-union members to "free ride" on the benefits of union representation without paying its cost . Fact : Unions voluntarily represent non-members. As Justice Brennan wrote in Retail Clerks v.

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