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  • All of you favorite Channels:

    With over 200 channels and a variety of HD channels, there is sure to be something to watch all the time. Over 15,000 On Demand titles and exclusive features like Look Back® and Start Over®.

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  • Time Warner Cable TV
  • TWC TV®

    Watch live TV on your tablet anywhere in your house. With TWC TV® you can watch your favorite shows and movies from any room in your home from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Control your DVR and schedule recordings even if you are not near your TV.

  • HD Programming:

    We offer tons of high definition channels at no additional cost with any digital TV plan. Enjoy hundreds of high definition channels with incredible picture quality and Dolby Digital® sound. Watch your favorite shows, sporting events and movies in HD.

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  • Time Warner Cable DVR
  • DVR:

    Never worry about missing an episode of your favorite show or that movie you've been meaning to watch. Set your DVR to automatically record every new episode of your favorite series and watch it when it is convenient for you. Record 2 shows at once or record one while watching another live. Life interruptions are no longer inconvenient, pause, and rewind live TV, even set recordings from your iPad or smartphone.

  • Look Back®:

    Watch any primetime show up to 72 hours after it’s aired. You can enjoy over 350 Look Back-enabled programs every month on over a dozen channels. This is an exclusive feature available at no additional cost to all Time Warner Cable digital TV subscribers.

  • Time Warner Cable Look Back feature

  • Time Warner Cable Wifi Hotspots
  • On Demand

    Access to a video library in the palm of your hands, there is always something to watch at any time. With over 15,000 movies, shows there is always something ready for you to watch instantly.

Turn on Time Warner Cable TV

Time Warner Cable TV, offers customers plenty of options for their TV entertainment. They’ll get a powerful Digital Video recorder (DVR), thousands of movies and shows On Demand, and so many channels, you’ll wish you have a dozen televisions.

The DVR capability completely puts you in control of the program you’re watching. You can set it to record and watch it on your own schedule at your own convenience. Everyone in your family can record their favorite shows, especially when you consider the DVR is capable of recording over 75 hours of storage (or 25 hours of HD programming). You can even catch up on all the games for your local sports teams.

You’ll have the ability to pause live TV for up to one hour, and watch one live show while recording another. And with their Whole House DVR, customers are capable of recording a show in one room and watching it in up to four rooms at the same time.

TWC’s high definition programming is tops in its field and the selection of HD TV channels is fantastic. Whether you say HD, high-def, hi-def, or high definition, it all means one thing to you when you start watching some of these programs on Time Warner Cable -- simply brilliant.

Time Warner Cable‘s On Demand programming and DVR, you can watch what you want, when you want. Their On Demand selection has thousands of movies and TV shows, available at any time you wish. It’s as if you already have a DVR filled up with over 10,000 hit movies and shows! And new movies and shows are added to On Demand every single day.

As great as the Time Warner Cable TV service is, it gets even better when you consider the savings you’ll get if you bundle their cable TV service with high speed Internet and home phone. Take advantage!