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  • Up to 30 Mbps Internet
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About: Hemet, California

The city of Hemet is situated in the San Jacinto Valley, which is located in southern California in Riverside County. Hemet was founded in 1887 and incorporated in 1910. The town did not truly prosper until after the creation of Lake Hemet, which stimulated agriculture in the region. Hemet is proud to call itself the home of "The Ramona Pageant," the official outdoor play of California. The play was started in 1923, making it one of the longest running outdoor plays in the United States.

Population: 58812
Local Newspapers: Investor's Business Daily, La Opinion, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Downtown News, Los Angeles Independent, Los Angeles Times
Local Sports Teams: LA Clippers, LA Dodgers, LA Galaxy, LA Lakers, LA Kings, LA Sparks
Local Colleges: N/A

Zip Codes associated with Hemet, CA: 92543, 92544, 92545, 92870.
Towns/Cities near Hemet, CA : San Jacinto, East Hemet, Valle Vista, Lakeview, Homeland, Winchester.

  • Duo steals Temecula UPS package using stolen truck, suspects at large
    Thursday, December 18, 2014 5:53:56 PM

    According to police, a witness saw a woman exit a 1993 Nissan pickup truck and steal a package from a home on Thursday, Dec. 11 at about 10:50 a.m. in the 43000 block of Corte Barbaste. "After the UPS truck drove away, an unknown Hispanic female adult exited the Nissan, took the delivered package from the porch of the residence, and returned to the Nissan truck," Riverside County Sheriff's Lieutenant Lisa McConnell said in a statement to Valley News.

  • SoCal Sightings: Bald Eagle Count by the Numbers
    Monday, December 15, 2014 9:45:29 PM

    But you absolutely would upon seeing a bald eagle in the distance, perched high on a bare branch. It's a stunning and rare sight, and one apt to make a surprised viewer jump up and down before hushing up and observing the iconic bird. The migration our way is the result of water sources, and thus food sources, icing over in more northerly climes. The final tally of the Dec. 13 add-'em-up? Those Saturdays are Jan. 10, Feb. 14, and March 14, and "no experience needed," so volunteers should not be daunted.

  • San JacintoINLAND: Snowbirds making their return
    Monday, December 15, 2014 1:39:27 PM

    At Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, where an estimated 20,000 people come and go over 12 months, many winter visitors are checking in early, General Manager Michael Carle said. By the time the season peaks in January and February, he expects his 1,000-space resort to see a 12 percent increase in snowbirds, its best attendance since the economic downturn. Twenty percent of the 358 spaces at the Casa del Sol RV Resort in Hemet are occupied by snowbirds already, said Manager Matthew Kennedy. Joe Heck and Illinois Democratic Rep.

  • Government is being a drip on the drought
    Monday, December 15, 2014 9:24:57 AM

    One is that the downpours are routinely dismissed by bureaucrats and water professionals as not important. It would have to rain buckets for 40 days and 40 nights to be meaningful, we're invariably told. Reflecting what I suspect is the dominant public mood of optimism and cheer? The land can be fallowed during a drought. Almonds especially are water-gulpers and they've proliferated to 940,000 acres, mainly in the San Joaquin Valley. You also can add pistachios and wine grapes to water-sucking crops that can't be fallowed.

  • Alleged Gang Members and Associates Indicted in Cross-Country Sex Trafficking Conspiracy
    Saturday, December 13, 2014 10:43:46 PM

    San Diego, California - Twenty-two alleged gang members and associates are charged in a federal grand jury indictment with participating in a racketeering conspiracy involving the cross-country sex trafficking of underage girls, including many who were recruited from East County middle and high schools. Within Tycoons, there are cliques known as PGF, for Playgirl Fantasy; Tycoon/Additup; and BYB, or Break Your Bitch. The defendants are presumed innocent until the Government meets its burden in court of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Time Warner Cable bundles in Hemet, CA

Living in the 21st century means people are bombarded with choices all the time. But Time Warner Cable knows that keeping your life simple is the best thing they can offer. By bundling your digital services like cable TV, high speed Internet and home phone services together, customers can save money and time. Imagine if you were able to get your electric, gas, water and trash bills all on one statement. Time Warner Cable in Hemet, California, makes your life simpler, and allows you to have more money to spend on other things.

Time Warner Cable in Hemet, CA, understands that people just want low prices, high-quality products and convenience. The billing is easy, with easy to understand items and no hidden charges.

The local fans of LA Clippers, LA Dodgers, LA Galaxy, LA Lakers, LA Kings, LA Sparks and other notable sports teams will get plenty of high-definition TV coverage. Fans will also able to check their teams' scores online using Time-Warner Cable's high-speed Internet. Residents of Hemet need to be connected all the time.

When you sign up with Time Warner Cable for digital cable TV in Hemet, CA, you will get all of the best channels your entire family loves to watch. Some of their best features include their Look Back® option, which allows viewers to watch select prime time shows within 72 hours, even if they didn’t record it on their DVR.

With Digital Home Phone from Time Warner Cable, people will get unlimited calling, easy-to-use calling features and reliable service for one low, low price.

Bundling all of your digital services means plenty of savings for you – so take advantage of Time Warner Cable’s great collection of cable TV, high-speed Internet and digital phone services.